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"Turangu Meri"


Ambane Siune is from Kerowagi Simbu, who has lived in Port Moresby for around 11 years. His father was the renown PNG artist John Siune, whose style is seen in Ambane's piece. Ambane has a young family and survives from the sale of his art. Ambane's art depicting Australia's bushfires was recently purchased by the Australian War Memorial


Ol ples man na meri I tok tok strong ol sem dispela i gat sanguma ol I paitim em na kukim em long paia na police I kam stopim dispela pait. Ol  meri long PNG i save pray strong long Papa God imas helpim ol.

The painting depicts the rise of sanguma hysteria in many remote villages across PNG. More women, men and now children are tortured and killed through sorcery accusations. The government and NGOs try to help but the there are less resources to tackle this primitive thinking.

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