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PMV bus stop


The painting depicts the everyday occurrences at major bus stops across Port Moresby. Informal markets, petty crime, rogue police officers and a miriad of social issues have been woven into the fabric of what is considered normal in the nation's capital city. The work also depicts the fast changing infrastructural development taking place while the basic social concerns and issues faced by everyday people receive a blind eye. How do we bridge these gaps in understanding? How can we all live and thrive in this city?


Gigs Wena was born in 1972 and comes from the Simbu (Chimbu) Province. Gigs’ work, much of which he has painted in his village Nombuna (Kerowagi), still smell of the smoke from the windowless native houses in which he works. In Gigs’ paintings, elements of traditional culture as well as native wildlife such as Geckos and multicoloured birds dominate.

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