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The beginning of violence


Greg Kaeva started painting in primary school at Kila Kila, Port Moresby and in 2014 in grade 7 was awarded a prize for his work.  He was taught by his uncle Ratoos Haoapa Gary, PNG's master dot painter. Greg started painting murals in Ela Beach in 2018 and was selected as an APEC artist. In 2019 he helped paint the murals at Sir Mick Curtin Stadium in Konedobu. His paintings refer to marine life and Gulf legends and he is a regular artist at craft markets. He is married with a young family.


The painting tells the story of the legend of the Ihu people of Gulf. A woman was caught by her husband with another man, who beat her up and killed her lover, forcing her to eat him. He left her laying in her blood humiliated. Her saliva created the two big rivers, Purari and Vailala. This was the beginning of Gender Based Violence. The painting tells us we face the same issues today that we have faced since the beginning of our history, and we still need to find solutions to address it.

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