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Julie-Meg Agerenga: I am 28 years old from Jiwaka and currently live in Goroka. I was introduced to art in 2011 by my art teacher Mr Dilu Okuk.  Across the years I have developed my style and skills and I have a deep respect for the senior PNG artists who I have met over the years. I have entered a number of exhibitions and competitions, but in recent times I focused on completing my Bachelor of Biology. I graduated in 2020 and I look forward to once again focusing on my passion for art.


COVID-19 has changed our leaders and the economy is becoming fragile. Everyday people’s lives are becoming more complicated. The hands on both sides puling ropes represents the governments responsible for the safety of our people. The poured out colours of yellow and orange represent the services the government are supposed to deliver to people but is instead a spillage of wanton waste. The painting is halves representing female and male perspective, both screaming because of the hardship of the people. The shells on their necks represent the population. The rope covers the eyes representing the people blinded by the governments words and promises.

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