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Haus Man


Nanias Maira was born in 1975 in the Kwoma tribe (Tongujam Village) of Ambunti in the upper Sepik. He is a self taught painter, potter, and carver whose work is heavily influenced and inspired by the culture and iconography of the East Sepik area. He has dedicated half his life to art, and it is the source of his income as a single father to three children.


Long ago, men made laws in the house of men (haus man).  These laws were approved by different clan elders for the benefit of all.  It was the period of power in the hands of the people. Then things change to Local level, Provincial and National governments. Only 'educated' people are moving and the remote village people are not moving. With no basic services the village people will be the most common victims of the COVID-19 situation

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