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Normal Temperature


Senton Watai: I was born with the gift of art. It is all I want to do now. I am 24 years old and my art is deeply part of my meaning and who I am. My art looks very free style, but its construction is well thought through. I move between realism and abstract and as in this piece can sometimes blend the two. I have enormous respect for the senior artists in PNG and I hope I can one day be compared favourably with them.


Behind PNG's rising COVID-19 cases lies misinformation and politics. The major colours of red, black, and gold symbolises PNG. COVID is portrayed in red and white symbolising danger. The COVID-19 equipment symbolises the struggle we must go through in our normal lives under the new normal. But how much safer does it really make us? It is just window dressing? Checking our temperature every time we go somewhere new. Normal Temperature, Normal Temperature, Normal Temperature. The black circle at the centre symbolises PNG's unknown future.

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