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For All Major Home Appliances

n 2023 we made progress in improving the theatre and the whole Arts Centre. We did a lot of work on the security lighting, and water supply along with new perimeter fencing (with support from India Association). We also procured a new lighting desk (supported by Rotary in Queensland), a new cinema screen and frame (to be installed in 2024). With the kind assistance of David Joseph we are improving the gardens. 

This year we hope will be a big year for capital works and equipment. In 2024 we hope to complete work on the entrance surface with new concrete, add a new guard haus, continue with the garden upgrades. We will extend the improved security fencing and add more water storage. We are also working on the equipment and hope to upgrade LED Theatre Lighting and Cinema Sound. We are hoping to gain support to construct new toilets and a rehearsal hall in 2024 as well.

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