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Taurama was first performed at the Open Air Theatre of the University of Papua New Guinea, by the National Theatre Company, Taora Youth Group and independent amateur actors for the 10th Independence Anniversary, 1985. Nora Vagi Brash was awarded the Independence medal.


The play is based on a real event which occurred on the Papuan coast over four hundred years ago. It tells of the destruction of Taurama village and its subsequent rebirth through a process of reconciliation. The play takes place over a twenty-year time span and follows the life of Kevau Dagora, who helps lay to rest the wandering spirits from the Taurama massacre. It exemplifies the Melanesian Way of resolving conflict through a process of consensus and the cementing together of new alliances through marriage.

Kevau Dagora Jnr – Joseph Okuk

Kevau Dagora Snr – Adelbert Alois

Vabu (Widow) – Theresanita Kila

Bubu Kevau/Warrior – Edward Jiki

Dika – Mea Geau Lawrence Kovea

Goada/Dogura Ghost – Abraham Mondo

Dobi/Spirit/Villager – Hilda Aiari

Ade Tau – Rhoda Sibona

Young Girl – Tiare Taureka

Moale/Rakatani/Helalo – Christina Heveapu

Laurabada (Spirit Wind) – Alphonse Aisi

Biriabada (Spirit Wind) – Konio Kovea

Bogebada (Spirit Wind) - Markham Galut

Chief Badi – Lubi Giwale

Babalau/Villager – Mabata Reia Geita

Mero/Young Boy 1 – Morata Kovea

Young Boy 2/Warrior – Frank John

Raka/Villager – Christine Aba’u

Kekeni – Isabella Kovea

Hereva – Jimol Peter

Bubu Hitolo – Philip Eddy

Gabani/Taurama Ghost – Prudence Karafa

Kila/Warrior/Villager – Steven Aba’u

Dina/Villager – Nadia Aba’u

Tau – Warren Peter


Director: Robert Vaso

Executive Producer: Bob Stanley
Production Manager: Nyleptha Kenny 
Stage Manager: Hane Kokoha
Stage Crew: Stanley Kiwi, Karo Kema, Jason Kukuso, Talitha Kove
Costume Designer: Robert Vaso 
Lighting Technician: Emmanuel Minjihau

Sound Designer : David Joseph
Sound Operator : Yvonne Rupusina
Publicity: Christine Peipul
Poster Design: Mark Goman
Set Construction: Lloyd Good, Jason Kukuso, Jimol Peter
Ticketing: Julie Auakai

Production Mentor : Karen Berger


Ticket Price : Adults - K50, MAT Member - K40, Student - K20,

Student (MAT/YAP Member) - K15
Sales Locations: Waterfront Food World, Moresby Arts Theatre (Member discounts apply), Ticket Bilum App


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